QH Submersible Pump

QH Submersible Pump Details

QH Submersible Pump Detail:

QH Submersible Pump Performance:

Head range:up to 500m3/h 

 Flow range:up to 300m

QH Submersible Pump Application:

QH stainless steel submersible pumps suitable for offshore platform fire-fighting, thermal dissipation, seawater desalinization, seawater lifting, coastal square fountain, mari-culture and attemperation as ground source heat pump in coastal area, it also can lift underground drinking water and mineral water, etc.

QH Submersible Pump material:

QH series stainless steel submersible pump has several kinds of material, for seawater and strongly corrosive medium; austenitic stainless steel 316; 316L; or tin bronze, etc. If the medium corrosive in moderately, could use austenitic stainless steel 304, etc.

QH Submersible Pump using condition:

  1. 380V voltage deviation is no more than ±5%,frequency is 50HZ, three -phase power deviation is no more than ±1%.
  2.  Motor cavity must be filled with water.
  3.  The first stage impeller of the pump should be more than 2mm below the moving water surface, pump unit should be less than 70m below the static water level.
  4.  The distance from the motor bottom to well bottom must be more than 3m.
  5.  Water temperature should be no more than 20°C.
  6. Sand content of the water ( by mass) should be no more than 0.01%.
  7.  PH value of water 6.5-8.5.
  8.  Hydrogen sulfide content of the water should be no more than 1.5mg/L.
  9. Chloride ion content of the water should be no more than 400mg/L
  10. Water yield of water source should ensure the requirements of pump continuous working.     

QH Submersible Pump Application Field

Nonferrous metal ore dressing Hydraulic coal transport Hydraulic coal mining Farm drain flooded fields Artificial wetland Subway drain water station Marine boiler water supply Marine fire water supply Ballast water supply Pool and pond dredging Tunnel construction drainage Nuclear power station feed water Water pit drain water Lift lower pipe City sewage drainage and drain flooded fields Feed water、water drain Waterworks Water Tower Boiler Feed Water Building Sewage Waste Water Treatment Milk Power Production Commercial Building Heating Washing and Cleaning Pressure Pump Station Entrance Pump Station Impounding Reservoir Drinking Industry Mining Industry Water Distribution Shipping Automotive Industry Sewage Transportation Sewage Treatment Water Treatment Industrial Boiler Industrial Water Treatment Industrial Wastewater Home Building Commercial Building District Heating Pharmaceutical Industry Agricultural Pumping automobile making cooper mine Canned factory Flour mills school hospital Organic farms Fruits Garden vegetable cultivation Liquor factory Well drilling company coal mining Rig auxiliary Dressing plant Nonferrous metal tall building booster booster Asbestos cement Lime plaster Green belts garden irrigation Rubber factory/rubber plant Dye factory The tea plant Organic Ranch Beer factory soft drink factory milk factory fishing Ceramic Draw water Well drilling Oil field Fossil oil Steel mills Brick factory Pile foundation Fire-fighting Fire-fighting pressurize Pharmacy Food gem mining

QH Submersible Pump Model

Model Flow Lift Power
APK300QH370-243 370 243 410
APK300QH370-216 370 216 350
APK300QH370-189 370 189 300
APK300QH370-162 370 162 260
APK300QH370-135 370 135 220
APK300QH370-108 370 108 180
APK300QH370-81 370 81 140
APK300QH370-54 370 54 90
APK300QH370-27 370 27 45
APK300QH320-288 320 288 410
APK300QH320-256 320 256 350
APK300QH320-224 320 224 300
APK300QH320-192 320 192 260
APK300QH320-160 320 160 220
APK300QH320-128 320 128 180
APK300QH320-96 320 96 140
APK300QH320-64 320 64 90
APK300QH320-32 320 32 45
APK300QH280-315 280 315 410
APK300QH280-280 280 280 350
APK300QH280-245 280 245 300
APK300QH280-210 280 210 260
APK300QH280-175 280 175 220
APK300QH280-140 280 140 180
APK300QH280-105 280 105 140

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