QDLF stainless steel multistage pump

QDLF stainless steel multistage pump Details

QDLF stainless steel multistage pump detail:

Flow range:1-150m3/h; Head range:11.5-260m

Production overview:
QDLF pump are multi-functional products and optimization design and manufacturing bases on horizontal multistage.
It can be used to various medium from tap water to industrial liquid at different temperature and with different flow rate and pressure.

Product usage:
This series of pumps are especially suitable for the high-rise building housing, hospitals, hotels, department store building, office building water supply and drainage and fire fighting system, distant distance transportation, water circulation in production process, etc.
1.This series pump structure in a vertical, segmentation form, and work safety, smooth, long service life, where the head high, cover an area of an area small, easy installation and maintenance.
2.The pump suction in down, an outlet on top, the relative position according to user requirement and the choice of 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees and 270 degrees to installation, general factory choose 180 degrees.
3.With low noise bearing, so the whole machine running at very low noise, small vibration, has greatly improved the operating environment, improve the service life.

QDLF stainless steel multistage pump Application Field

Nonferrous metal ore dressing Hydraulic coal transport Hydraulic coal mining Farm drain flooded fields Artificial wetland Subway drain water station Marine boiler water supply Marine fire water supply Ballast water supply Pool and pond dredging Tunnel construction drainage Nuclear power station feed water Water pit drain water Lift lower pipe City sewage drainage and drain flooded fields Feed water、water drain Waterworks Water Tower Boiler Feed Water Building Sewage Waste Water Treatment Milk Power Production Commercial Building Heating Washing and Cleaning Pressure Pump Station Entrance Pump Station Impounding Reservoir Drinking Industry Mining Industry Water Distribution Shipping Automotive Industry Sewage Transportation Sewage Treatment Water Treatment Industrial Boiler Industrial Water Treatment Industrial Wastewater Home Building Commercial Building District Heating Pharmaceutical Industry Agricultural Pumping automobile making cooper mine Canned factory Flour mills school hospital Organic farms Fruits Garden vegetable cultivation Liquor factory Well drilling company coal mining Rig auxiliary Dressing plant Nonferrous metal tall building booster booster Asbestos cement Lime plaster Green belts garden irrigation Rubber factory/rubber plant Dye factory The tea plant Organic Ranch Beer factory soft drink factory milk factory fishing Ceramic Draw water Well drilling Oil field Fossil oil Steel mills Brick factory Pile foundation Fire-fighting Fire-fighting pressurize Pharmacy Food gem mining

QDLF stainless steel multistage pump Model

Model Flow Lift Power
APKQDLF150-60 150 137 75
APKQDLF150-50-2 150 92 55
APKQDLF150-40-1 150 77 45
APKQDLF150-30 150 63 37
APKQDLF150-30-2 150 49 30
APKQDLF150-20-1 150 35 22
APKQDLF150-10 150 18.5 15
APKQDLF150-10-1 150 12.5 11
APKQDLF120-70 120 145 75
APKQDLF120-60-1 120 118 55
APKQDLF120-50-1 120 97 45
APKQDLF120-40-1 120 76 37
APKQDLF120-30 120 61 30
APKQDLF120-20 120 40 22
APKQDLF120-20-1 120 34.5 18.5
APKQDLF120-10 120 18.5 11
APKQDLF85-60 85 134 45
APKQDLF85-60-2 85 122 45
APKQDLF85-50 85 110 37
APKQDLF85-50-2 85 98 37
APKQDLF85-40 85 86 30
APKQDLF85-40-2 85 75 30
APKQDLF85-30 85 64 22
APKQDLF85-30-2 85 52 18.5
APKQDLF85-20 85 41 15

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