SLWH horizontal chemical pipeline pump

SLWH horizontal chemical pipeline pump Details

SLWH horizontal chemical pipeline pump detail:

Flow range:1.1m3/h~1450m3/h;    Head range:3~150m;     Inlet diameter:15~500mm

SLWH horizontal chemical pipeline pump overview:

SLWH horizontal chemical pump is used to transport the liquid containing no corrosive solid particle ,and the viscosity of the particle is similar to water.Used in textile, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, paper making, pharmacy and synthetic fiber, and other departments, using temperature -20°C~120°C.

SLWH horizontal chemical pipeline pump characteristics

1. Pump compact structure, small volume, beautiful appearance. The vertical structure low centre of gravity and center of gravity coincidence in the center of pump foot, enhance the pump the operation stability and life.
2. Convenient installation. In and out of the same diameter and in the same center line, like valve can be installed in any part of the pipeline directly. Motor with a rain cover can be used in outdoor. Pump has installed points to pump installation stability.
3. Smooth operation, low noise, component maze &sealed ring. The motor has bass bearing, and equipped with non-stop refueling device, the pump impeller with very good dynamic balance, operation no vibration, improve service environment.
4. No leakage. Shaft seals use hard alloy corrosion resistance of mechanical seal, save the serious problem of centrifugal pump packing seal leakage and prolong the life, to ensure that the operation clean and tidy.
5. Convenient maintenance. Don't need sent some pipeline, as long as a check on the cover of the pump nut, remove the motor and transmission components machine maintenance can be carried out.
6. But according to the conditions of use, pump can be vertical, many installation, depending on traffic head requirements, using the parallel and serial method, increase the flow of head needed.

SLWH horizontal chemical pipeline pump working condition:

1.The maximum working pressure of pump system ≤1.6MPa, pump inlet pressure + pump lift ≤1.6MPa , so when ordering please indicate the system working pressure. When the inlet pressure is greater than 0.4 MPa or the system working pressure is greater than 1.6MPa, please put forward when ordering , so that when manufacturing we can take appropriate measures in the pump flow portion and connection portion.
2. Applicable medium : solid insoluble matter volume content of the medium is no more than 0.1% of the unit volume , particle size is no more than 0.2mm, if the medium has fine particles , please indicate when ordering .
3. Ambient temperature doesn’t exceed 40°C,relative humidity is no more than 95%.





SLWH horizontal chemical pipeline pump Application Field


SLWH horizontal chemical pipeline pump Model

Model Flow Lift Power
APKSLWH20-110 2.5 15 0.37
APKSLWH20-125 2.5 20 0.75
APKSLWH20-160 2.5 32 1.1
APKSLWH25-110 4 15 0.75
APKSLWH25-125 4 20 0.75
APKSLWH25-125A 3.6 16 0.75
APKSLWH25-160 4 32 1.5
APKSLWH25-160A 3.7 20 1.1
APKSLWH32-100 4.5 12.5 0.75
APKSLWH32-125 5 20 0.75
APKSLWH32-125A 4.5 16 0.75
APKSLWH32-160 5 32 1.5
APKSLWH32-160A 4.5 28 1.1
APKSLWH32-160(I) 6.3 32 2.2
APKSLWH32-200 5 50 3
APKSLWH32-200A 4.5 44 2.2
APKSLWH32-200B 3.5 38 1.5
APKSLWH32-200(I) 6.3 50 4
APKSLWH40-100 6.3 12.5 0.75
APKSLWH40-100A 5.6 10 0.75
APKSLWH40-125 6.3 20 1.1
APKSLWH40-125A 5.6 16 0.75
APKSLWH40-160 6.3 32 2.2
APKSLWH40-160A 5.9 28 1.5
APKSLWH40-160B 5.5 24 1.1

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