D phase multistage clean water pump

D phase multistage clean water pump Details

D phase multistage clean water pump detail:

Flow range Q=12.6~1260m3/h;    Lift scope H=13~232.8m;    Inhalation caliber scope 50~150mm;    Temperature range of 0 ° C to 105 ° C

D phase multistage clean water pump overview:

(1) SLD Pump is single suction multi sub-centrifugal pump, for the absorption of water and sent to physical and chemical properties similar to those of other liquid water use.
(2) SLMD-Wear resistance multi-stage centrifugal pumps in the D-shaped single-suction multistage centrifugal pump water on the basis of Improved design of a Wear resistant multi-stage centrifugal pump, SLMD pump energy efficient, reliable wear, pumping of solid particles content is not more than 1.5% (particle diameter less than 0.5mm) of mine water and other liquids, liquid temperature is not higher than 80 °C.
(3) SLDG Boiler feedwater pump for the delivery of water and suction physical and chemical properties similar to those of liquid water use, transmission medium temperature of not more than 105 ° C. State Economic Commission, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department jointly promote energy efficient products to replace GC boiler feedwater pump its efficiency than the average GC-high 8%.

D phase multistage clean water pump application:

D phase multi-stage centrifugal pumps in mine drainage, factories and urban water use. SLDG boiler pumps to be applicable to small towns and boiler feed water supply and so on.


D phase multistage clean water pump Application Field

Nonferrous metal ore dressing Hydraulic coal transport Hydraulic coal mining Farm drain flooded fields Artificial wetland Subway drain water station Marine boiler water supply Marine fire water supply Ballast water supply Pool and pond dredging Tunnel construction drainage Nuclear power station feed water Water pit drain water Lift lower pipe City sewage drainage and drain flooded fields Feed water、water drain Waterworks Water Tower Boiler Feed Water Building Sewage Waste Water Treatment Milk Power Production Commercial Building Heating Washing and Cleaning Pressure Pump Station Entrance Pump Station Impounding Reservoir Drinking Industry Mining Industry Water Distribution Shipping Automotive Industry Sewage Transportation Sewage Treatment Water Treatment Industrial Boiler Industrial Water Treatment Industrial Wastewater Home Building Commercial Building District Heating Pharmaceutical Industry Agricultural Pumping automobile making cooper mine Canned factory Flour mills school hospital Organic farms Fruits Garden vegetable cultivation Liquor factory Well drilling company coal mining Rig auxiliary Dressing plant Nonferrous metal tall building booster booster Asbestos cement Lime plaster Green belts garden irrigation Rubber factory/rubber plant Dye factory The tea plant Organic Ranch Beer factory soft drink factory milk factory fishing Ceramic Draw water Well drilling Oil field Fossil oil Steel mills Brick factory Pile foundation Fire-fighting Fire-fighting pressurize Pharmacy Food gem mining

D phase multistage clean water pump Model

Model Flow Lift Power
APK125D25*9-119 119 157.5 90
APK125D25*9-101 101 193.5 90
APK125D25*9-72 72 230.4 90
APK125D25*8-119 119 140 75
APK125D25*8-101 101 172 75
APK125D25*8-72 72 204.8 75
APK125D25*7-119 119 122.5 75
APK125D25*7-101 101 150.5 75
APK125D25*7-72 72 179.2 75
APK125D25*6-119 119 105 55
APK125D25*6-101 101 129 55
APK125D25*6-72 72 153.6 55
APK125D25*5-119 119 87.5 45
APK125D25*5-101 101 107.5 45
APK125D25*5-72 72 128 45
APK125D25*4-119 119 70 37
APK125D25*4-101 101 86 37
APK125D25*4-72 72 102.4 37
APK125D25*3-119 119 52.5 30
APK125D25*3-101 101 64.5 30
APK125D25*3-72 72 76.8 30
APK125D25*2-119 119 35 18.5
APK125D25*2-101 101 43 18.5
APK125D25*2-72 72 51.2 18.5
APK100D16*9-72 72 91.8 37

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