WQB non-block sewage pump

WQB non-block sewage pump Details

WQB non-block sewage pump:

Flow range:5-140m3/h; Head range:7-40m;

WQB non-block sewage pump product overview:

WQB series sewage pumps adopt vortical and double flow impeller (highlift pump adopts centrifugal impeller)
with a strong drainage capacity and the motor is sealed with hard anticorrosive ceramic of both single and double end faces besides,
the motor is provided with builtin overload protection.
these pumps with a float switch which is suitable for permanent or semipermanent installations,
say installations where it is necessary to maintain a water at a particular lever. as the water level rises,
so will the float. at a certain point the switch will operate and start the pump. as the water level falls,
so will the float until the switch operates again and stops the pump,its protection level is IP58 a
nd designed insulation class is grade E (75 K), motor running more safe, reliable,and with longer working life.

WQB non-block sewage pump application scope:

This series of pumps are widely used in industries, agriculture, mine, building operations and municipal environment protection, etc.

This series of pumps are for pumping and discharging short-staple material, scraps of paper material and sand material, etc liquid with solid particle and soft solid materials. For example, muddy water, grey water, domestic wastewater, sewage and feces, etc.

This series of pumps are the perfect irrigation equipment for agriculture irrigation, dredging of river and pond, and construction plant, etc. But please note it that this series of pumps are suitable for places which has anti-explosion requirement.

WQB non-block sewage pump working condition:

1.Based on the impeller center, the underwater depth that the pump was placed shall not exceed 5 m

2.Temperature of the pumping medium does not exceed 40°C

3.the pumping medium's PH value for 4 ~ 10.

4.the pumping medium's solid volume ratio under 20%

5.The movement viscosity of pumping medium for 7×10-7~23×10-6m²/s

6.The density of pumping medium should be no more than 1200 kg/m ³

7.for WQ submersible pump, motor must be filled with water and never run the pump dry.


WQB non-block sewage pump Application Field


WQB non-block sewage pump Model

Model Flow Lift Power
APKWQB140-7-7.5 140 7 7.5
APKWQB100-10-7.5 100 10 7.5
APKWQB45-22-7.5 45 22 7.5
APKWQB65-15-5.5 65 15 5.5
APKWQB40-22-5.5 40 22 5.5
APKWQB30-30-5.5 30 30 5.5
APKWQB18-40-5.5 18 40 5.5
APKWQB60-10-4 60 10 4
APKWQB50-13-4 50 13 4
APKWQB25-25-4 25 25 4
APKWQB15-32-4 15 32 4
APKWQB60-9-3 60 9 3
APKWQB50-10-3 50 10 3
APKWQB25-20-3 25 20 3
APKWQB15-25-3 15 25 3
APKWQB50-6-2.2 50 6 2.2
APKWQB35-7-2.2 35 7 2.2
APKWQB25-10-2.2 25 10 2.2
APKWQB10-22-2.2 10 22 2.2
APKWQB25-7-1.5 25 7 1.5
APKWQB10-15-1.5 10 15 1.5
APKWQB15-7-1.1 15 7 1.1
APKWQB7-15-1.1 7 15 1.1

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